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New Year New You

Published on 2:32 pm, Tue, 12 January 21

This year make one of your resolutions to start taking better care of your skin as part of your wellness routine. To do so, there are things that you can focus on that are not as overwhelming as the day-to-day routine. Though that is very important, here are a few ideas to take your glow to the next level. A weekly exfoliant is very important. Especially, going into different seasons....

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Facts about Laser Hair Removal

Published on 12:00 pm, Sat, 19 December 20

Have you ever been curious about the ins and outs of laser hair removal? Well, today we are going to be giving you the facts when it comes to this transformative treatment. Let’s debunk some of the misinformation floating around about laser hair removal.  How does it work? Simply put, the laser uses the pigment in the hair as a conductor. The goal is to destroy the hair from the...

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Total Body Transformation

Published on 2:34 pm, Fri, 20 November 20

With all of the options out there to transform your appearance, we figured we would give you a few suggestions for a total body transformation. First and foremost, when you start this process think about what your goal is. Do you want flawless skin, curves in all the right places, or a flat smooth stomach and back? Figure out your budget, and then call us for a consultation to proceed....

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