Non-Invasive Body Contouring


Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Published on 4:03 pm, Fri, 26 April 19

Has gravity caused your backside to sag and appear flat? Are you self-conscious about cellulite on your buttocks and legs that’s been resistant to diet and exercise?

If you answered yes, then VelaShape non-invasive body contouring may be right for you.

Continue reading to learn all about VelaShape, including how it works, treatment benefits, and the number of sessions recommended.

What Is VelaShape?

VelaShape is an FDA-approved non-invasive body contouring treatment designed to improve the appearance of cellulite, enhance skin tone, and shrink fat cells.

It’s ideal for common trouble spots like the buttocks and back of legs that may have crepey skin, dimpling, and sagging.

How Can VelaShape Lift and Tone Buttocks?

VelaShape’s technology sets it apart from other non-invasive body contouring options. That’s because it combines several different techniques, including bipolar radiofrequency, infrared light, and a vacuum mechanism, to achieve lifting, toning, and fat reduction.

During a VelaShape treatment, radiofrequency and infrared light initiate a localized inflammatory response, which makes fat cells more metabolically active.

At the same time, the vacuum suction initiates a wound-healing effect and stimulates new collagen. This function also allows radiofrequency to penetrate deeper for increased efficacy.

Why Consider Non-Invasive Body Contouring with VelaShape?

Many women seek VelaShape because it offers a safe, effective, and non-surgical way to lift and reshape buttocks and eradicate cellulite. It also avoids incisions, anesthesia, and downtime.

Best of all, most patients find the process painless (feels similar to a warm massage) and can see results after the first session.

How Many Treatments are Recommended?

In order to achieve optimal outcomes from this non-invasive body contouring treatment, a series of four-to-six VelaShape sessions, spaced two weeks apart, is recommended.

However, at your initial consultation, you will receive a customized treatment plan, including number of treatments needed, to help you reach your individual body goals.

How to Get Started with VelaShape Non-Invasive Body Contouring

If you want to reduce cellulite and tone and reshape your body, call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation for VelaShape.

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