CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction: Knowing the Difference


CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction: Knowing the Difference

Published on 3:29 pm, Wed, 29 May 19

Liposuction has long been a surefire way of reducing fat in problem areas.

But its extensive recovery time and short-lived results created a demand to which CoolSculpting has supplied the answer to.

How Do They Work?

Liposuction is above all else invasive surgery, requiring anesthesia in order to cut and and vacuum out fat. Surgery can be as quick as one hour (but no longer than two hours), including the stitching.

CoolSculpting, in contrast, requires no sedations and uses a revolutionary tool that freezes the target area. Doing so eliminates fat cells underneath the skin without every having to open up the patient.

How Much?

CoolSculpting will run up a bill between $600 and $4,000. And while the cost of liposuction averages out to about $3,500, CoolSculpting’s no downtime promise provides a much better bang for your buck.


Without going under the knife, CoolSculpting patients can return to their everyday activities immediately following the treatment.

Heavy sedation like Liposuction requires will cost up to a week of recovery, which could likely mean missing work—adding to the cost of the operation.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Results vary from person to person. But generally, CoolSculpting eliminates as much 25 percent of fat cells in the targeted area. The part of the body that is exposed to the procedure usually experiences some bruising and a kind of tugging sensation. But the general surgical risks of going under the knife are entirely avoided.

Liposuction can cut an entire 11 pounds, but research on the matter has showed that within a year from the operation, patients possessed the same amount of body fat as before.

Some common side effects along with typical risks associated with anesthesia would be slight skin discoloration, numbness or, worse, fluid underneath the skin that will need to be drained.

Are You the Right Candidate?

CoolSculpting’s innovative technique can benefit anybody without blood disorders or rare anemia like PCH.

Those of us with heart problems or ones who may be pregnant are not suitable candidates for liposuction.

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