Does At-Home Laser Hair Removal Really Work?


Does At-Home Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

Published on 2:06 am, Wed, 30 October 19

Like many women and men, you may be considering switching out your razor for a laser.

And while laser hair removal is an extremely effective and long-lasting solution to unwanted facial or body hair, not all lasers are created equal.

This is especially true when it comes to at-home technologies, causing some people to wonder: Does at-home laser hair removal really work?

Keep reading for everything you need to know about at-home laser hair removal.

What’s Involved with At-Home Laser Hair Removal?

If you’re wondering, “Does at home laser hair removal work?” you may want to know more about the actual process.

To start, you’ll need to purchase a handheld device (costing upwards of $500) that emits light and laser energy. Next, you should read the instructions to ensure that you are a good candidate based on your hair and skin type.

Even though the at-home devices are far less powerful than professional lasers, they are still potentially dangerous. Accordingly, it’s also a good idea to perform a test patch before proceeding with treatment.

Treatment is delivered as a series of approximately 100 pulses per small area. Sessions are to be completed at home once every two weeks.

Does at Home Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

Now for the question that’s on everyone’s mind: Does at home laser hair removal really work? While the device manufacturers claim that individuals can achieve up to a 60 percent reduction three weeks after the first treatment, with modest results thereafter, many users found treatment effects variable.

They also noted that on higher, assumedly more effective, levels, the device caused noticeable pain and discomfort. Based on this experience, some users concluded that at-home laser treatments would only be viable on small areas like the lip or the bikini line, that required a minimal number of pulses.

If any of these factors concern you, then you may wish to undergo professional laser hair removal. An in-office laser hair removal treatment offers cutting-edge technology (that costs upwards of $100,000), with unparalleled clinical expertise, efficacy, and safety.

Additionally, these modalities have built-in cooling systems that make treatment virtually painless, and sessions are only needed every six-to-eight weeks vs. every two weeks.

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