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Free Botox

Published on 1:43 am, Fri, 27 September 19

Being out of work can be extremely stressful and discouraging for older employees who are now competing against younger men and women.

That’s why one Virginia clinic offered free Botox to unemployed workers. The anti-aging injections not only served as a treat and pick-me-up, but providers hoped that the treatment would provide patients with a fresh approach to new employment opportunities.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that is administered to targeted facial muscles in order to temporarily paralyze them and relax wrinkles.

The treatment is performed in an office setting, requires zero-downtime, and can achieve smoother skin for three-to-four months.

It’s an excellent option for patients who wanted to restore a youthful appearance, boost their confidence, and look like a refreshed version of themselves.

Free Botox to Help Unemployed Workers

Most women and men would admit that appearance matters. In fact, the way you look can greatly influence how others perceive you and may even affect your dating or employment prospects.

The latter is especially true for older individuals who find themselves competing with younger, fresh-faced colleagues at work.

In an effort to improve appearance as well as self-esteem, some unemployed workers have been treated to free Botox.

The providers that offered this service believe that the neurotoxin injections could help patients look and feel their best as they go on job interviews and search for new opportunities.

Cost of Botox

While the aforementioned patients received free Botox, most individuals interested in injections can expect to pay several hundred dollars per treatment.

In some cases, Botox is priced per treatment area, while other practices calculate cost per unit.

It’s also worth mentioning that a number of factors can contribute to the cost of Botox, including provider expertise, geographic location, number of treatment areas, severity of wrinkles, and desired results.

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