Is Preventative Botox a Scam?

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Is Preventative Botox a Scam?

Published on 8:06 pm, Thu, 1 August 19

Botox is consistently ranked as the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S. and many individuals believe it’s the secret to looking refreshed and youthful.

However, there are those that are less convinced of its benefits, especially when it comes to preventative Botox. Some are even asking: Is preventative Botox a scam?

If you are considering neurotoxin injections, continue reading to learn the truth about preventative Botox.

What Is Preventative Botox?

Botox is an antiaging injectable that’s FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe wrinkles. It’s especially effective for expression lines that persist when the face is at rest.

Preventative Botox offers patients a way to combat dynamic wrinkles early-on and prevent them from becoming permanent.

Why Are Younger Patients Seeking Botox?

Millennials are more educated than previous generations about anti-aging treatments and noninvasive skincare solutions.

Accordingly, many young women and men decide to undergo preventative Botox in the early stages of wrinkles.

They believe that starting Botox when they first note faint lines can significantly delay aging and help preserve a youthful appearance.

Is Preventative Botox a Scam?

Some patients question the efficacy of preventative Botox because they do not have concrete evidence that it limits future lines and wrinkles. They may even go so far as to ask: Is preventative Botox a scam?

While it’s true that support of preventative Botox is based on anecdotal evidence, a number of seasoned board-certified dermatologists believe that it’s effective in keeping wrinkles at bay.

They contend that, over time, Botox weakens facial muscles and trains them away from wrinkle-causing expressions. This atrophy not only produces smoother skin, it also prolongs the longevity of each Botox treatment.

What’s more, some patients have found that using Botox proactively has allowed them to avoid more invasive procedures as they’ve gotten older.

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