7 Women Get Real About How Laser Hair Removal Feels Like


7 Women Get Real About How Laser Hair Removal Feels Like

Published on 4:31 pm, Tue, 30 August 22

Laser hair removal is a quick and easy process that boats long-term hair reduction and silky- smooth legs. Depending on the size and number of areas being targeted, the procedure can last between five-to-60 minutes.

Here’s what women have say about how laser hair removal feels like before, during, and after treatment.

How Laser Hair Removal Feels Like

Before Treatment

Most patients report feeling somewhat nervous and anxious prior to laser hair removal. Especially, if they’ve experienced burns or other adverse effects from waxing or threading or know someone that had a negative experience with laser hair removal.

Seeking treatment in a medical setting with an experienced medical professional is one of the best ways to alleviate these concerns.

Not only do these providers have the necessary training and experience to limit risks and effectively manage complications, but they also have the latest laser technology. These are all benefits that med spas, nail salons, or hair salons cannot offer.

During Treatment

Because laser hair removal is such a fast and efficient process, most women find that minor pain during treatment is well worth long-term results.

When asked to describe how laser removal feels like, some said it resembled a rubber band snapping against the skin, a tingling sensation, an electric zing, or a needling effect.

However, all reported that discomfort lasts seconds and is over before you know it. Several added that laser hair removal is much more comfortable than waxing.

After Treatment

After laser hair removal, the treated area may look and feel like a mild sunburn. It’s not uncommon to note red bumps and redness, which actually signify that the treatment was successful.

Hydrocortisone cream or preparation-H can help relieve any associated itching or swelling, and Aloe Vera is excellent at soothing temporary stinging.

With that being said, these effects resolve within minutes to hours after laser hair removal, and patients are able to go about their day as they normally would.

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