Laser Rejuvenation: GentleYAG Laser

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Laser Rejuvenation: GentleYAG Laser

Published on 4:58 pm, Fri, 26 April 19

A common misconception about laser treatments is that they easily harm skin and aren’t suitable for all skin types.

While this may be the case with certain technologies and unqualified providers, GentleYAG Laser reliably provides patients with safe and effective laser rejuvenation.

If you are bothered by discoloration, sagging, visible vessels and veins, and/or excess body or facial hair, continue reading to learn how GentleYAG Laser can help.

Here’s everything you need to know about this laser rejuvenation treatment.

What Is GentleYAG Laser?

GentleYAG Laser is a non-invasive treatment designed to safely and effectively rejuvenate skin tone and texture.

It’s well-suited for all skin-types and can treat redness, broken blood vessels, skin laxity, rosacea, varicose veins and unwanted hair on the face and body.

How Does GentleYAG Laser Work?

Using a gentle beam of light, GentleYAG Laser delivers long-pulse energy at a 1064 nm wavelength. The energy is selectively absorbed by hemoglobin or melanin, without harming skin or surrounding structures, and converted to heat.

Most women and men find this process extremely comfortable, especially with GentleYAG Laser’s dynamic cooling device. This feature sprays cryogen on skin prior to each pulse in order to cool upper layers of skin, decrease discomfort, and increase safety.

Why Consider this Laser Rejuvenation Treatment?

One of the key benefits of laser rejuvenation with GentleYAG Laser is its versatility. The treatment can address a multitude of cosmetic concerns, without incisions, anesthesia, pain, or downtime.

It also has an excellent safety profile and is recommended for all skin types.

Plus, patients can undergo GentleYAG Laser in the comfort of our office in 20-30 minutes. Accordingly, many women and men schedule their sessions during a lunchbreak and return to work immediately after.

How Many GentleYAG Laser Treatments are Needed?

The number of recommended sessions will vary from patient to patient depending on individual goals.

With that being said, individuals usually see visible improvement with a series of three-to-four treatments, spaced a month apart.

Interested in Laser Rejuvenation with GentleYAG Laser?

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