What Not to Do Before & After a Facial

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What Not to Do Before & After a Facial

Published on 7:33 pm, Fri, 28 June 19

A facial is an excellent way to promote cellular renewal, unclog pores, and rejuvenate skin tone and texture.

However, proper preparation is crucial in order to achieve the best results from your treatment.

So, what steps should you take pre- and post-facial?

Continue reading for a timeline of what not to do before and after a facial.

2 Weeks Before Your Facial

If you are having a facial in preparation for a big event or special occasion and also want to get artificially bronzed, it’s best to schedule your spray tan at least two weeks beforehand.

1 Week Before Your Facial

One week prior to your appointment, you should discontinue any at-home scrubs, masks, or peels to experience optimal exfoliation from your treatment.

It’s also recommended that individuals avoid sun exposure and increase their sun protection, with a broad-spectrum sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat, seven days before a facial.

3 Days Before Your Facial

72 hours before your facial, discontinue use of any skincare products that could irritate skin.

This includes retinols, acids, anti-aging and anti-acne solutions, and prescription-based topicals, which can potentially sensitize skin and limit the thoroughness of your facial.

2 Days Before Your Facial

Plan on skipping any post-workout steam room or sauna sessions for two days before your facial.

That’s because these activities can increase blood circulation and the possibility of inflammation during your facial.

Day of Your Facial

On the day of your facial, be sure to schedule your workout at least two-to-three hours before your appointment.

Doing so, helps prevent a raise in body temperature and potential sensitivity during the steam or extraction portion of treatment.

The Night After Your Facial

Following a facial, it’s essential that you allow products to fully penetrate skin. So, forgo washing your face that evening.

The next morning, you may resume your normal skincare regimen.

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